Cannabis Planet is a 30 minute television program that explores the merits of the Cannabis Plant as a Food, Fuel, Fiber and Medicine.
Each week, Cannabis Planet brings Education and Information concerning Cannabis as a medicine, Industrial Hemp, Cannabis History, Patient Testimonials,  Cooking Recipes, Music, Cannabis Culture and much more.


News Anchor – Patrick Finerty brings over 15 years of TV & radio broadcast news & hosting experience to Cannabis Planet. As an award winning journalist & host in Los Angeles, Pat won a Golden Mike Award for his coverage of the September 11th terrorist attacks while at KFWB-AM980 News Talk and he hosted a daily investment program at KWHY-TV22 The Business Channel. In Chicago he won a Cable Award for the documentary HOMELESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS and hosted a talk-show on the full service A.C. station WFYR-FM103.5. In Washington D.C. he worked at the NBC O&O station WRC-TV4 as an analyst, and was a segment producer, reporter & anchor for AWN Cable News in Northern Virginia. A graduate of the University of Miami’s MBA program, Pat has unique insight into economic, commercial & political issues of the day. Pat is not a cannabis user yet he feels our important message needs to be heard.

Celeste Blue Headshot H-res

Celeste Beatrice Creel hails from Ithaca, New York and is an internationally known and respected energy healer and life coach on a mission to  assist her fellow humans as they excavate, elevate, illuminate and love themselves into authentic happiness and wholeness. Celeste satisfies her passion for creative expression, or her “girlie-me” time as she call it, by acting in television and film, and models regularly appears in print and commercial campaigns. Celeste graduated with a B.A. in Theater Arts from San Francisco State University. She is a a certified Reiki Master and and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist.


DPP_0159Co-Host – Jacqueline Robinson is a writer, model and part-time nomadic traveler who has roamed the planet seeking out cannabis cultures in diverse communites and contexts throughout the world. Chronicling these exploits under the pen name “Dragonfly De La Luz”, Jaquline has written for various publications including Cannabis Culture&  West Coast Cannabis magazines. A long time, passionate activist, Jacqueline brings a unique perspective to her journalism for Cannabis Planet. She studied English Literature and Women’s Studies at the University of New Mexico before pursuing her graduate degrees in Feminsim, Social Justice, and Education at the University of British Columbia.


Salome_Aziza3551Salome Short has been an Industry professional for a number of years, with a background in production and Radio journalism at the BBC World Service both in front and behind the mike. For the Past year Salome has been focusing on acting for Film and TV which has included a number of hosting projects for TV and live events.

 Her resume consists of numerous lead roles in both classic and modern plays, TV pilots, independent features, hosting TV shows & live events as well as various commercials. ​​


Field Reporter – Seirah Royin is a multi-talented writer, reporter, businesswoman and passionate newcomer to the Cannabis world through her role as Field Reporter for Cannabis Planet. An honors graduate of Duke University, Seirah brings intelligence and a genuine compassion to the plight of patients and collectives. She is proud to be a member of the Cannabis Planet team to help spread awareness and educate the public about the importance of Cannabis in alternative healthcare, regardless of the fact that she herself does not personally use cannabis.


Ngaio Bealum is the former editor of West Coast Cannabis Magazine, a well known stand up comedian, and a friend to small animals. He has been on BET, MTV, Comedy Central, ABC, and a bunch of other shows. He loves Cannabis, and he loves the Planet. That’s why he loves Cannabis Planet.


Cannabis Cooking – Mike Delao has been a chef for 10 yrs and a Medical Marijuana patient for the past five years. Mike was one of the founders of the California Medical Marijuana Association and OC Collective. Mike was Head Chef at Embassy Suites in Irvine, CA before he decided to dedicate his culinary skills exclusively for his medical patients.


New Times PixMedia Director – Robert Platshorn Long time TV producer and distribution expert. Founder of the Silver Tour. Featured in the movie Square Grouper and producer of “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”. He is responsible for program distribution and media relations.


Executive Producer – Brad Lane ~ Brad is a snowboarder, surfer, artist, and entrepreneur who has most recently turned to Cannabis Activism. A long time supporter of Medical Cannabis and of California Prop. 215, he has created Cannabis Planet to help inform and educate the people on the merits of this incredible natural resource that we should utilize as a nation and a planet. Brad is a former NCAA scholarship athlete, and holds a B.A. in Journalism from California State University, Long Beach.