Specifically, how to germinate autoflowers.

How’s it growing everyone. This post is all about how to germinate cannabis seeds–specifically autoflowers. So strap in and get ready because we’re going to learn all about germinating autoflowers.

The only thing we’re going to be giving our plants is water. With that in mind, we bought a pH meter and calibrated it. Fortunately for us, our meter came with a few packets of powder that would set the pH of a specified amount of water to a precise number, allowing the meter to know what it was looking at. Oh, and by the way, learn from our mistakes. Use distilled water when doing this step or you’ll likely have an accurate readings and have to recalibrate it later. Like we did. Of course the meter would be invaluable to both us and what we were trying to achieve for those of you who don’t know cannabis has roughly 90% water that said water we’ve supplier plants with is about as important as it comes. And if it’s off, it can significantly hurt the delicate life. You’re trying to bring into this world in order to prevent this one of the first and most important things you can look at is pH in short pH simply measures the acidity of your water. Now things are a bit different for soil. So if that’s what you plan to grow with, I wouldn’t use these numbers planning to grow using hydroponics. We filled two jars with declarant water, set the pH to 5.5 and dropped our beans.

From there, we stuck them into our grow tent with the lights off and let them sit for about 18 hours. Darkness. After taking the jars out of the tent, we poured our seeds onto a paper towel, but then we noticed something rather surprising come to find out the process had already begun. Our beans were already starting to pop,

It was time to wrap them back up and plunge them back into darkness. The next step was to wrap them in a wet paper towel. Now, for those of you who don’t know, you want the towel to be wet, not soaked in a puddle. In fact, you can roll the edges up like we did and soak them down with a little more water, allowing them to act like a candlewick, keeping the entire surface wet for longer. In the end, you need to make sure they stay wet over the next 36 hours, meaning that you’ll have to soak them down from time to time with the hard work far from over. The plants are at their most delicate meaning that you’ll need to take the utmost care when you handle them. When removing the paper towels, go slow. As we’d learn. Some of the roots had already started to attach themselves to the fabric of the cloth. That said the feeling to see that these seeds were coming to life really was like no other.

It was time to get these cannabis plants into their forever home five gallon buckets full of cocoa coir. Before that could happen though, we would have to do a little mixing after dumping the cocoa into totes and breaking up the large chunks that had compacted over time and transit. We added about 10 or 15% perlite.

We grabbed our germinated seeds and got ready to transplant. Now, some people say that the seeds should be placed in your medium with the taproots pointed down at a 45 degree angle. But other suggest you just point them straight down. That said, we went with the latter. I know some people may say that I should’ve wore gloves here, but there was actually a reason that I didn’t. Of course I washed my hands before I started this entire process. But in all reality, I wanted as much control of the situation as possible. Seeing how these are brand new babies, they’re extremely delicate. And I didn’t need a glove getting in my way and having something slip or God forbid break in order to eliminate the minimal risk of touching it with my hand.

We started to notice quite a bit of positive air pressure in our grow tank. We tried a few things including adjusting the settings on our inline fans. But as it turns out, we just needed to look up. At first, we thought the pre-filter was losing its color from the UV rays coming off, our plant lights, but that wasn’t it at all. Come to find out the pre-filters were jammed up with so much crap that it was restricting the airflow, leaving our tent as a result, air was being pushed in easier than it was being forced out to this day. I’m not exactly sure if it was white dust from the perlite being blown around or the calcium and the water being vaporized into the tent. Long story short, keep an eye on these for when they need to be cleaned. All we did was run it through the washer on delicate and this was all that was needed to allow the fans to function like normal. Again, one thing I just want to say here is that the cannabis community is one worth sharing.

With the tent running these plants, breached the surface and took off running. Well, almost all of them. For some reason, we ran into some trouble with one of our plants knowing that they all germinated and seeing that one of the plants didn’t come up for air. We started to get concerned after carefully pushing away the cocoa, we found what appeared to be a sick plant under the surface. Fortunately, we got to it on time, was able to reposition it so that it was exposed to the light. And after a few days began to show signs of progress.

The seed kicked out one of the biggest taproots in the bunch. I just couldn’t let it take up so much room in the tent and opted to swap it out with a larger plant that I was in a smaller cup, seeing how I was able to get a hundred percent germination. I didn’t want to waste what I had and good thing I didn’t. Sadly, our biggest mistake was yet to come as a test. One of the plants did this weird thing and left us frantically searching for answers. We hit the internet before learning that this is what they call stretching. In essence, this happens when your plants are starving for sunlight, with a built-in self-defense mechanism, cannabis seedlings will stretch themselves as tall as they can to get above nearby ground cover.

However, they have no need to fight like this, and it was entirely our fault. And that’s when it clicked. We forgot to lower our lights, seeing how the lights should be around 24 inches from the top of our canopy at this stage in their life, we rushed to our tents and put them where they should have been all along quickly. We braced the toppled plant and hoped for the best. Although it looks just fine. We may have caused them some unnecessary stress and that’s not something we’re too happy about.

That’s it for this post about germinating (autoflower) cannabis seeds. Remember: keep growing, keep learning.

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