If you’ve been thinking about how to grow big buds indoors, it’s essential to consider a range of factors that will affect the size of your buds. We’ll be covering them in this article and explaining them in as much detail as we can. You mustn’t disregard any of the factors. Otherwise, your buds won’t grow big. 

Once you’ve read through the article, you’ll be fully informed about what you need to do, and it won’t seem as overwhelming as it might right now. We’ll also be covering how to grow big buds indoors step by step so that you have a roadmap you can follow when you choose to start growing marijuana indoors. 

The sections we’ve included are: 

The most extensive section will be the one that focuses on how to grow really big buds indoors. We’ve divided it into subsections so that you can skim through the different steps at-a-glance. We’ll also recommend some strains you can buy later in the piece. If you require any further information, you can use the subheadings to search for more information online.  

What’s Required to Grow Marijuana

There are plenty of considerations to deal with when considering how to get bigger buds during flowering indoors, and we’ll go through them. To start with, you’ll need to create a growing space proportionate to the number of cannabis plants you’d like to grow. After that, you’ll need to clean the area so that there’s no bacteria present, and you’ll need to ensure that all of the light from grow lights stays within the room. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to be prepared to check your plants regularly. Only by doing that can you ensure they’re healthy, as well as regulating the environment. In particular, you’ll need to observe the humidity and temperature levels. When it comes to planting seeds, you’ll have to pick a growing medium and container, then be sure to add nutrients. You’ll also need to water your plants frequently.

That’s a summary, but we’ll provide a little more detail on some of the most crucial elements. The temperature should be as close as possible to the environment outdoors, which means balancing the humidity and ensuring your grow room is kept warm enough. 

Nutrients that you should add include:

You can pick various kinds of lighting, like LED, HPS, and fluorescent bulbs. Each one will have a different effect on your plants, but LEDs are widely seen as the best if you want to learn how to grow bigger buds indoors. 

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing 

We believe that indoor growing is best, as it’s a much more controlled way to learn how to grow really big buds indoors. You can take care of every aspect of the growing process without having to worry about anything unpredictable. That means bad weather, cold nights, too much light, pests, and poor soil quality won’t be issues for you. 

That’s because you’ll be able to pick and choose what you want your growing room to be like, and that level of control is essential if you’re going to grow the best marijuana possible. You won’t be able to mimic the environment completely, as an indoor grow room is not what nature intended, but you can get very close. 

However, it’s not just about control. Another factor to think about is the costs. You’ll need to pay for all of the equipment and electric bills to keep your weed plants alive, and that costs a significant amount of money. If staying on a budget is important to you, then it’s better to grow weed outdoors. You can let nature do the work, so long as you check the weed regularly, water it when it’s hot, and add extra nutrients. 

Then there is the matter of quality. Weed that’s grown indoors can be fine-tuned to perform more successfully than weed that’s grown outdoors. You’ll often find that weed grown indoors has bigger buds, more THC, and higher yields. But that will only be the case if you take care of it well and have a decent grow room. 

Cannabis grown indoors tends to look nicer, but the taste, aroma, and effects of outdoor weed appeal to some people. So it depends on personal preferences in those areas. But with bud size, indoors is best. 

How to Grow Big Buds Indoors 


Before you start growing weed, there is a lot of preparation to do, and if you want to know how to get bigger buds during flowering indoors, it’s essential to prepare your space correctly. 

Your room needs to reflect as much of the light as possible. That means having no windows and coating the walls with reflective materials. That can be done with paint or with specialized fabrics that you adhere to the walls. You’ll also need to keep the room dark for certain periods. 

However, you’ll need to install a ventilation system that takes air into the room without windows. Otherwise, carbon dioxide levels can fall, and your plants won’t perform well. A fan should be sufficient. You’ll also need to have power sockets to plug in your lights and fans. 

Once you’ve considered all of these priorities, you’ll need to think about the weed strains you’ll grow inside the room. You’ll have two main choices. The first is whether you want indica or sativa strains, and the second is whether you want feminized seeds or autoflowering seeds. 

Indica strains are best for relaxing you and helping you to sleep. They’re also good at growing in smaller spaces because it’s wide and narrow. Sativa strains are the opposite. They boost your energy and help you to overcome anxiety and similar issues. It grows to be thin and tall. 

Feminized seeds are ones where the yield is maximized through the lack of male seeds, which would pollinate them. They’re a classic choice for growers who are experienced with marijuana. Autoflower seeds are better for beginners because they flower after 2-3 weeks regardless of how much light they get, but yields can be lower.

Once you’ve chosen the seeds you want to buy, you’ll have to buy them. That means knowing your seeds are high-quality. High-quality seeds should be dark brown and have a range of spots or stripes in darker tones. They should definitely not be green or pale, as those are immature. 

Building the Grow Room

After you’ve understood what you need to have prepared to grow marijuana, it’s time to build your grow room. It’s crucial to get it right so you know how to grow big buds indoors step by step, and it serves as an extension of the preparation that you’ve done. 

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the growing medium that your growing room will have. You can choose from two. These are hydroponics and soil. The former allows you to grow marijuana without having to use soil. It can be a more practical approach if you’re experienced growing marijuana, but it may prove too complex if you’re new.

Hydroponic approaches also ensure your plants have higher yields and grow faster, which are some great benefits. However, hydroponic methods are generally more expensive and can be challenging to set up initially. 

As for soil, it’s easier to deal with as a beginner grower. Plus, if you make mistakes, it’s simple to start over. Soil also helps you if you’re on a budget because it’s typically cheaper than a hydroponics system, and it adds more flavor to your buds. However, the soil needs more room and provides smaller yields over a longer time. 

Beyond that, you’ll also need to think about the containers that your weed is in. You can use the same pot for the whole growing season, or you can move them to bigger pots after they’ve grown for a while. It can help the weed to grow quickly. 

In terms of the grow room itself, you’ll need to get it ready for the moment you plant your seeds. That means paying attention to all the factors we mentioned above. You’ll want to lay out the ventilation system, position your lights, and ensure your fans are angled appropriately. You’ll also want to make sure your chosen room has been coated in reflective material and that it will have enough heat. 

With lighting, in particular, you’ll have additional choices, as we mentioned above. Many growers choose LED lights as they provide the best results. Many growers replace their older lighting set-ups with LEDs. These older set-ups combined Metal Halide lamps with High-Pressure Sodium lamps and were more cumbersome to manage. Your lights should have a power of approximately 32 watts for every square foot. 

Growing the Marijuana 

How to grow bigger buds indoors is a journey that begins at germination once you’ve planted the first seeds. Germination begins when a seed breaks from its shell and a small root emerges. Soon, a shoot will emerge on the opposite side. 

You can make your seeds germinate using various methods, and it’s up to you which one you choose. What matters most is creating the conditions necessary for germination. That means high moisture, low light, and warmth. You can choose from seedling plugs, potting soil, or paper towels. The latter is an excellent method if you’re looking for an affordable approach. 

Once you’ve done this and your plants have germinated, then your seeds will now be seedlings. You must treat your plants carefully, even at this stage. If you handle them too roughly, then they could die. This period should last for around a fortnight. 

There are also specific ways to treat seedlings in terms of lighting, humidity, and water too. The light should be less intense, the humidity should be somewhat higher than usual, and water should be added carefully. Adding nutrients is also required, but only if you’re using hydroponics.

Once you’ve got your seeds through this stage, then the next stage is the vegetative phase. These are the weeks your plant will spend maturing before it flowers. It will grow more leaves and have enough roots to absorb plenty of nutrients. How you treat your plants during this phase is a vital part of how to grow really big buds indoors. 

The length of time your plants will remain in this stage is typically 4-8 weeks. You must give them the full amount of time so that they can mature to the best of their ability. You’ll need to move the plants out of their seedling containers and into their main containers unless you’re leaving them. 

To ensure your plants grow big and strong during this phase, they’ll need to have light for at least 18 hours every day. You’ll also need to have a regular watering schedule and provide the weed with vegging packs. These have higher levels of nitrogen, and you should stick to the same brand. You’ll also need to think about temperature levels and humidity. Temperatures should be 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity should be 50-70%.

Getting Your Weed

Once the vegetative stage has reached its end, you’ll know how to grow bigger buds indoors because they’ll start to appear due to your efforts. Once your plants reach the end of this stage, they’ll be ready to harvest from, which we’ll get to in a moment. 

It can be challenging to nurture your weed through the flowering phase, as the plants can be pretty delicate and struggle to overcome any diseases or pests. You’ll have a lot of influence over when to begin the flowering process if you’re growing indoors. You can just change the light cycle. You should adjust it, so it reduces from 18 hours to 12. The remaining hours should be total darkness. 

This light cycle must remain in place right up until you harvest your plants. Otherwise, the process can slow down, and you’ll have to wait longer for your marijuana. It’s also essential to increase red light when your cannabis is flowering, as this helps produce big buds. 

Beyond these steps, you’ll need to keep up your watering schedule and ensure that the plants have enough nutrients, as well as keeping temperatures between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity lower than 55%. You can then observe the pistils and trichomes to determine when your buds are ready to harvest. Pistils will go dark, and trichomes will turn amber. 

Before harvesting, you’ll want to flush your plants. That means ending their nutrient supply, which provides smoother marijuana smoking because your harvested weed will have fewer nutrients.

You can start the harvesting process by snipping off leaves near the buds and removing the buds from the stems. It’s best to wear gloves when doing this, and you can use a pair of secateurs to get the job done. 

Once you have your harvested buds, it will be time to dry and cure them. That means they’ll be ready to store or to use for smoking. Drying your weed is a beneficial process because it:

To dry your weed, you’ll want to take away all the leaves and then hang up your buds. You can do this with hangers, string, or whatever you prefer. Then you’ll want to leave them for 3-10 days and check their color. It will fade over time. You’ll also be able to snap the smaller stems. 

After this, you’ll want to cure your weed. This means storing it in sealed jars for up to a month, which improves the flavor and increases the effects of the weed. Once you’ve stored your weed, you should still check it daily to ensure the buds are moist and get some air. 

Training Marijuana

If you follow all the points covered above, then you’ll know how to grow big buds indoors step by step. However, there is another step that you can take if you have the time and the know-how, and that’s to train your marijuana. 

You can use a technique known as Low-Stress Training to allow your marijuana plants to produce bigger buds. It works by increasing the space the plants have to grow big buds. To make Low-Stress Training work, you’ll need to crop and remove some of the leaves of the plants. 

The best time to do this is during the vegetative and flowering stages. It does need expert knowledge, so it’s not worth attempting if you’re a beginner. However, if you know someone good at growing marijuana, they will probably know about this method and can teach it. Alternatively, you can find out more online. 


How to get bigger buds during flowering indoors should no longer be a mystery to you. You can simply follow the approach we’ve given in this article and supplement it with further information as needed. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and there are many ways you can grow big buds indoors as a beginner. 

Now that you’ve read this article, you should have the confidence to secure some good marijuana seeds, prepare your grow room, plant your seeds, and nourish them until they produce big buds a few months later. 

Suppose you struggle to follow any of the instructions and tips that we’ve given today. In that case, we recommend watching some videos so that you can view demonstrations of grow rooms and how marijuana plants are treated during the growing season. 

To buy premium and high-quality marijuana seeds, it’s worth paying a visit to the I Love Growing Marijuana store. They have plenty of customer reviews and guides on how to grow marijuana, so they are the place to go if you need weed seeds and want to know more about them. 

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